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Leslee Tessmann discovered her passion for writing at age 18. As her new book, Sacred Grief, describes, a lengthy period of losses and life challenges distracted her from pursuing a career as an author. Her work as a marketing consultant and technical writer kept her interest in writing alive, but it wasn’t until her father’s death in 2004 when Leslee began to act on her life-long dream and calling to be an author. As life made its twists and turns, Leslee also became passionate about the power of language. As she unraveled the thick web of inner dialogue that had her lost in grief and suffering for many years, she was inspired to write Sacred Grief. The book was written out her desire to share what she has learned about working with the body’s natural healing process on friendly terms to reduce unnecessary suffering and increase inner peace and well-being.

Leslee was born and raised in the small rural community of Watertown, Wisconsin. She recently moved back to the Seattle area with her two tabby cats, Kayla and Max, to be near her daughter, son-in-law, and three grandchildren.

Leslee's education in psychology, sociology, and ontology, along with her experience with 12-step programs, hospice organizations, and interest in Eastern philosophies all contributed to the ideas and concepts presented in Sacred Grief. Along with promoting her book, Leslee is facilitating workshops, lecturing, and developing a book that explores the complexities and dimensions of grief.


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