Leslee Tessmann: Sacred Grief

Recommended books

Chodron, P. (1991). The wisdom of no escape and the path of loving-kindness.

Chodron, P. (1994). Start where you are. A guide to compassionate living.

Chodron, P. (1997). When things fall apart. Heart advice for difficult times.

Chodron, P. (2002). Comfortable with uncertainty. 108 teachings on cultivating fearlessness and compassion.

Chodron, P. (2001). The places that scare you. A guide to fearlessness in difficult times.

Chodron, P. (2005). No time to lose. A timely guide to the way of the bodhisattva.

Chopra, D. (2006). Life after death. The burden of proof.

Dass, R. (1985). How can I help? Stories and reflections on service.

Levine, S. (1979). A gradual awakening.

Levine, S. (1991). Guided meditations. Explorations and healings.

Levine, S. (1982). Who dies? An investigation of conscious living and conscious dying.

Lintermans, G. & Stoltzman, M. (2006). The healing power of grief.

Moore, T. (1992). Care of the soul. A guide for cultivating depth and sacredness in everyday life.

Moore, T. (2004). Dark nights of the soul. A guide to finding your way through life’s ordeals.

Mountain Dreamer, O. (2003). The invitation.

Mountain Dreamer, O. (2004). Opening the invitation.

Mountain Dreamer, O. (2004). The call.

Mountain Dreamer, O. (2005). What we ache for. Creativity and the unfolding of your soul.

Mountain Dreamer, O. (2006). The dance.

Myss, C. (1996). Anatomy of the spirit. The seven stages of power and healing.

Myss, C. (2001). Sacred Contracts. Awakening your divine potential.

Pitts, D. (2007). Shadow living. Paintings of grief.

Rando, T. (1984). Grief, dying, and death. Clinical interventions for caregivers.

Small, J. (2001). Psyche’s seeds, The 12 sacred principles of soul-based psychology.

Tolle, E. (1999). The power of now. A guide to spiritual enlightenment.

Tolle, E. (2008). A new earth. Awakening to your life’s purpose.

Trungpa, C. (1984). Shambhala. The sacred path of the warrior.

Welshons, J.E. & Dyer, W. (2003). Awakening from grief. Finding the way back to joy.

Williamson, M. (2004). The gift of change. Spiritual guidance for a radically new life.

Worden, J. (2002). Grief counseling and grief therapy. A handbook for the mental health practitioner. 




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