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5-Stars, An Excellent Prospective on Grief
Harobed House, April 23, 2008

"Ms. Leslee Tessmann brings a brilliant new perspective on the subject of grief. Her thought-provoking conversations examine a deeper focus of grief - that is, the examination of the varying dimensions of grief as she describes it as sacred and integral to living, just as joy and happiness, in our everyday lives. Sacred Grief focuses on making a choice by acknowledging grief as a natural occurence of living-not just an examination and understanding of the stages of grieving, but much more. Sacred Grief provides a macro approach to understand the totality of grieving - encompassing it as a natural phenomenon. Grief is as natural to living as breathing fresh air." Deborah Slappery Pitts, National Best Selling, Award Winning Author, Shadow Living...Paintings of Grief and I Feel Okay Link to Full Review

Thoughful Book Urges Readers to Embrace, Not Suppress, Their Grief
PRWeb Press Release Newswire, March 31, 2008

"Most books on grief focus on surviving and understanding the bereavement process, but in her new book, 'Sacred Grief, Exploring a New Dimension to Grief' (ISBN 9781932690538, Loving Healing Press, 2008), Leslee Tessmann breaks away from convention and writes about honoring grief as a sacred ritual that allows the cultivation of compassion and the realization of one's fully actualized self." Link to Full Review

"A powerful exploration of a universal human experience! Using true-life accounts and personal examples, Leslee Tessmann masterfully leads us beyond the process of grief itself, into a bold new perspective of our life-long relationship with change. Because we will all have the experience, Sacred Grief is a compelling guide for everyone searching for the sweetness in life's great passages." 
Gregg Braden, New York Times best-selling author of The Divine Matrix and The God Code

“With sensitivity and grace, Leslee Tessmann leads the reader through a dark and difficult passage into the light of awareness, acceptance, and new aliveness. Sacred Grief is a holy handbook for gleaning the gifts of the journey called grief.” 
Mary Manin Morrissey, Co-Founder of the Association for Global New Thought and author of Building Your Field of Dreams, No Less Than Greatness and A Miracle in Motion

“Many thanks to Leslee Tessmann for this significant contribution to our understanding of grief. Sacred Grief presents a perspective not only on the grieving process, but on how a fresh context for that process can transform the experience as whole. Tessmann elaborates what is inherently a philosophical or "worldview" shift in how we can be and think about grief in general.  In doing so, she thereby (Sacred Grief) points the way to an entirely new possibility for the role that grief can play in our lives - a role that, quite surprisingly, offers nuance, richness and spirit. Sacred Grief is a welcome departure from the conventional advice about "surviving" grief. This book shows us how to experience grief as a sacred dimension of our lives and of life itself.” 
Jill Carroll, Ph.D., Executive Director, Boniuk Center for the Study and Advancement of Religious Tolerance at Rice University 

"This simple, yet extremely powerful book, presents a gentle way to discover within oneself a path of recovery from loss, be it from death or any other loss. Tessmann's tender words resonate throughout the book, leading the reader to a place of healing and direction to move forward with life....I highly recommend this book to anyone that has experienced any type of loss in their lives and is willing to look at the loss through a different set of eyes. Tessmann, in Sacred Grief, will lead the reader to a place of compassion for oneself , create a relationship with his/her own grief, and ultimately create a place of understanding and a healed soul."
Irene Watson, ReaderViews | Link to full review

“I enjoyed the book very much. Rather than the old strategy to try to suppress or manipulate one’s way through life and grief, Sacred Grief provides readers with a new path, a new way of being in the world with their grief.”
Marc Levine, MA, MFCT, Bellevue, WA

“In Sacred Grief, Leslee generously gives us an intimate look at her journey through an event most of will experience but few of us are willing to discuss, much less embrace. While there is no way to avoid pain and sadness after the death of a loved one, she shows us that suffering is optional when we approach grief with an attitude of acceptance and curiosity rather than fear and resistance. A good book to learn how to be gentle with yourself when life is feeling harsh.”
Beryl Kaminsky, LPC, CT, Grief Counselor, Houston, TX

“ Sacred Grief was so honest and real, it just touched my heart. Leslee gives definitions and solutions that make complete sense, almost like we should know this information from a primal instinct but we don't until she shares her inspirational insights learned through her own pain and grief. It is a book I will read again and give to my friends and family!”
Tammye Read, Seattle, WA

“Leslee Tessmann tells her compelling personal story in a compassionate, strong voice. Sacred Grief offers gentle wisdom on a tough subject and provides a message the world needs to hear.”
Donna Walker, Librarian, Denver, CO

“This book gave me an unexpected view of grief— to actually cherish the moments of my grief without indulging in the emotions, and then move on. Leslee’s generous sharing of her story allowed me to accept more of myself and carry that acceptance and the sacredness of every moment into all of my life.”
Linda Fraser, Houston, TX

"Sacred Grief makes sense. Unlike most of our culture's conversation about death and grieving, this book is not concerned with "fixing" or "getting rid" of grief.  Instead, Leslee Tessmann creates a context for grief that is as practical as it is inspiring.  As a young woman who recently experienced the sudden death of a parent, I know that there is no easy way through grief. But the opportunity to relate to our grief as sacred is the most powerful tool we can have during those times when we feel our most powerless."
Nishta Mehra, Houston, TX

I loved this book. It speaks my truth in a clear, articulate way with profound examples. When my husband was dying of cancer and on hospice at home, we were very present to the gift of every day we had together. Now, seven years later, as Leslee says, I still get hit with a wave of sadness at times and I let it be okay. After reading Sacred Grief, I’m comforted to think of the waves of sadness as “sacred,” giving it a spiritual context that connects me to my dead husband and other people dealing with the grief process. This book has a very powerful message. It is a gift to humanity.”
Anita McHarg, Seattle, WA

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