Community Care in Troubling Times

Resourcing Together in Connection, Soma and Spirit

This offering is no longer available.

With the COVID-19 pandemic upon us, and amidst the backdrop of the growing social and ecological uncertainties of our times, let's come together and root into our resiliency and capacity to respond in connected, loving, and responsible ways.

Join me each Sunday for a ritual circle gathering to resource our nervous systems with somatic practices and presence, and to call in the support of our elevated elder ancestors who carry the medicines needed in these times. From this place, resourced in Soma and by Spirit, let's share what is on our hearts and be nourished from our communal well of grief, wisdom and resiliency.

Ritual circles convene each Sunday at 10am PDT (12pm CST/1pm EST), for an hour via the online ZOOM platform.

The first circle is Sunday, March 15th, and the last circle will be held Sunday May 31st.

This is a free offering of community service. Welcome all who seek community, connection, and healing resilience through troubled times.

To join and access the ZOOM link and resources, please register below.


For those who feel moved to make a donation in exchange for this community tending, I gratefully and graciously receive. An option for this will be available once registered.

What participants are saying:

"I am writing to let you know how deeply moved I am by our Sunday circles. I find myself in great need of the healing balm you offer. I feel supported and anchored by the work we do. My nervous system calms and I then ask for connection to myself and the ancestors as you suggest. It is a magical combination for me as I am patient with myself, amidst the support of the group, to feel into ancestral support." ~ MJ

"The Sunday gatherings are so beautiful, powerful, and delicate at the same time. I'm in awe of what is emerging from our collective field, and am so grateful for you holding space and guiding us." ~ ER

"It was such good medicine that you offered us. I felt so much more connected and even, dare I say, joyful. It was a blessing and I look forward to next week." ~ SP

"I am deeply grateful for your Community Care sessions. Your gentle voice and somatic practices bring me comfort during a time when it is difficult for me to access the tenderness in my heart. Thank you." ~ EM

Your Instructor

Shauna Janz, MA
Shauna Janz, MA

Shauna Janz (she/her) is dedicated to tending belonging in our world - within ourselves, with each other, and with our other-than-human relations. She creates space for reaching into the rough and beautiful places that are a catalyst for transformation and healing, personally and collectively, through grief, trauma, ritual and ancestral healing work. Her offerings are trauma-informed, somatic-based and anchored in the resiliency of the human spirit, and animist and decolonizing values.

Shauna supports individuals, families, communities and organizations, and has been designing and delivering trauma-informed programs since 2008. Audiences have included non-profit organizations, local and provincial government, First Nation communities, post-secondary education institutions, school district counseling teams, rural communities and international summits.

Alongside her private practice and online school of Sacred Grief, Shauna is a trainer and mentor with BC Bereavement Helpline supporting traumatic bereavement by homicide, suicide and drug-related death. In the past, she has been a teacher and mentor with Ancestral Medicine, leading multi-day healing rituals; an Executive Director with Learning Through Loss serving youth and adults with grief education and support; the founder of the Victoria Holistic Death Care Gatherings uplifting grassroots perspectives, and a co-visionary for the annual Deathly Matters community conference. She is a lover of inspiration and creativity, and can be found dancing, playing music, and walking in the wilds of nature and mystical communion. Her ancestors are from the lands of Scot Celtic, northern Germanic and Nordic cultures.