About Shauna Janz - Founder of Sacred Grief


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Thank you for being here.

My name is Shauna Janz (she/her) and I am the founder of Sacred Grief; a growing vision contributing towards cultural regeneration through the heart of grief, ritual and ancestral healing. What I offer here is an extension of my joy and service towards more just and loving futures.

For 15+ years I have been facilitating individual, family, organizational and community grief education, support and ritual, trauma-informed training, group process, and 6+ years of ancestral healing and reclamation work. Since 2019, it has been a pleasure to extend Sacred Grief offerings online. I travel nationally and internationally to offer in-person workshops and healing retreats, and am in partnership with national organizations offering trauma-informed facilitation training.

My ancestors are northern European from the lands of Scots Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and Nordic cultures. On my fathers side, my people are recent refugee-settlers by way of Poland and Ukraine, and on my mothers side, my people are early colonial-settlers to Turtle Island. I currently reside on the unceded lands of the K'omoks and Pentatch First Nations, on Vancouver Island Pacific West Coast of Canada,

I am in ongoing commitment to embody and work from a place that understands my historical and current social location as a white cis-gendered queer woman with lineages of both colonial settler and refugee experiences, and how this informs my contribution and responsibilities towards collective healing. I am a somatic intuitive who finds sacred communion through music, dance, nature and contemplative practice; a practitioner of the Old Norse tradition of seiĆ°r; and a singer-songwriter.

If you are seeking to learn more about me and my learning lineages, or to bring capacity-building workshops to your business team, organization or community (in-person or virtual options), please visit my consulting website and be in touch.

If you would like to stay connected to be the first to know about Sacred Grief programs and learning opportunities, and to receive more personal writing and learning reflections from me on this path, I warmly welcome you to join my newsletter sent every month or two.

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  • The depth of community building, vulnerability, and safe ritual container in such a short time blew me away. I learned more than imagined due to the exceptional communication skills and balance of the intuitive and cognitive.Shauna's skill as a facilitator and ritualist is unparalleled" Ash Schoep, Climate Change & Consciousness

  • Shauna is a master at holding space. It is very easy to relax and trust and drop into the process with her in the lead. She is also brilliant and highly intuitive, so her responses and guidance around questions and comments are always bang on. And that includes encouraging us to follow what feels right in our own experience and body. She is strong on safety. And she brings lots of humor. The healing work I've been doing with her over the past year has had a huge impact on my life. Mary McAlister, The Base Healing Community
  • Shauna is a gifted and balanced teacher. Her practical, grounded yet deeply intuitive nature allowed everyone in our group to relate to her in their own way, and she held our ritual container with such safety and support. I feel blessed to have had her as a leader in this work!
    M.T., Ancestral Healing Retreat participant
  • Shauna was an awesome facilitator with amazing empathy, patience, intuition, and compassion. Grateful to have learned from her. Marlene Torvonen, Nanaimo Hospice
  • Shauna you are a true facilitator. Thank you for your gift of space-holding, your knowledge and experience, your ability to genuinely include everyone in such a graceful and uplifting way. It was such an honor to be a part of this course, and each person contributed valuable insights; a sense of community naturally emerged. Sally Ross, Healing Practitioner
  • I felt instantly welcomed by Shauna's warm presence and her approach to supporting others through grief is refreshing and much needed on our society. With so many helpful takeaways, I feel more more prepared to support others. Amber Rowse-Robinson, Volunteer