Tending the Taproot

A Place of Practice towards Personal and Collective Healing

Definition of taproot (Merriam-Webster dictionary)

1 : a primary root that grows vertically downward and gives off small lateral roots
2 : the central element or position in a line of growth or development

Our body is a taproot - a primary element that nourishes our capacity for presence and connection. This taproot feeds our nervous system resiliency and embodied ability to be attuned and in sustained relationship to ourselves, to each other, with Spirit and the wider web of life.

Our ancestors are a taproot - a central energetic field of relations shaping who we are through both inherited resiliency and trauma. The Elders of our lineages are always present and available to offer their wisdom and guidance through both the beauty and heart-break of our lives.

Our grief is a taproot - a universal and necessary expression of love that brings us back to ourselves and to humanity. Our grief is an elder wisdom teacher for these collective times, and if we say yes to the apprenticeship, our grief is offered to a healing vision beyond our own individual lives.


Tending to these taproots support both personal and collective healing.

Who is this for?

Tending the Taproot is an online place of practice for folks who have already engaged in either one or more Sacred Grief programs, or have experience in their own grief work, and ritual/spirit work, and are looking for continued opportunities to gather for grief rituals, somatic practice, ancestral connection, collective Spirit work, peer support, healing resources, and soul nourishment.

Welcome to those needing a place of personal resource, and welcome to healing practitioners of all kinds needing a place to fill their own cups: therapists, coaches, death doulas, facilitators, activists, community organizers, body workers, ritualists, healers, and more.

How is this organized?

This is a closed group program offered in 3 month cycles, meaning there is a marked opening and closing to each 3 month cycle. Within this, the group is held in a ritual container that has a therapeutic path guiding and nourishing the collective process.

A maximum of 20 folks will be welcomed for each cycle, and you are welcomed to return and enroll again to new cycles that are offered, as many times as you wish!

What will this look like?

Most generally, gatherings will be scheduled weekly over the 3 months, with some being shorter group practice invitations and others being longer ritual healing circles and collective therapeutic process. You can expect a total of 6-8 hours of live-time gathering opportunities spread out over each month.

Each Tending the Taproot cycle offered is dedicated to healing; how each cycle takes shape however is evolving and emergent, rising and falling, birthing and dying, changing and re-imagined. Tending the Taproot is offered from a place of listening to Spirit, ancestors, seasonal rhythms, alongside what is arising within the field of folks attending, collaborative possibilities, and being of service.

In other words, each cycle is unique, emergent and responsive.

I recommend that you be able to attend at least 80% of the scheduled gatherings per cycle. A schedule of offerings will be detailed here when the next new cycle becomes open for enrollment so you can discern your availability.


"Shauna is an attuned listener, an empathic guide, and holds everyone she works with within high regard. She walks with a kind of knowledge, reverence for all life, and connection to both the seen and unseen worlds that is deeply needed in this time." Participant, Tending the Taproot 2020

"This community helped me not only survive Covid so far but thrive. Shauna always inspires me with how natural and authentic she is - a safe guide but not authoritative. A true right sized teacher." Participant of Community Care series.

Cost - I offer 3 tiered pricing options, and each is paid in 3 monthly installments by credit care or debit. Please reflect on your access to financial resources as you discern which tier.
  • $255 = 3 payments of $85
    • for those with savings or multiple means to resources. You may own a home, be a multiple income household, or hold identity privilege
  • $210 = 3 payments of $70
    • for those who have stable income and access to resources/savings
  • $165 = 3 payments of $55
    • for those with limited access to resources, and who need to budget to make participation possible

For folks coming from current and/or historically marginalized populations (i.e. BIPOC, LGBTQI+, disabled folks) please reach out to me if price is a barrier. I would love to chat about what would be supportive for you.


No refunds are issued for monthly payments already charged, however if for some reason you are not able to remain for the full 3 months, you can let me know and I will cancel the remaining payments.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are refunds available?
No. Once a monthly payment is made, there are no refunds. If you decided you no longer want to participate, you can stop your monthly payments and enrollment by emailing Shauna directly - no problem. Thank you for understanding.