Leslee Tessmann: Sacred Grief

Exploring a New Dimension to Grief

Sacred Grief: Exploring a New Dimension to Grief offers an intriguing exploration of the far-reaching ripple effect of our present-day opinions about surviving grief's emotional roller-coaster and the unnecessary suffering our judgments unconsciously promote. You’ll find comfort in discovering that there's another dimension to this universal experience—a dimension that fosters trust, kindness and compassion, peacefully heals, and steadfastly moves you towards your soul's deepest desires and dreams.

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Leslee Tessmann’s move from Seattle to Houston in 2003 and her father’s death in 2004 were the catalyst for surrendering to her unfolding grief with curiosity and compassion, and the telling of Sacred Grief. It is her first and perhaps most memorable achievement at writing and publishing a book about that which she is so passionate.

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